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Wills and the Administration of Estates

Many people underestimate the importance of a carefully drafted will or indeed make the mistake of not drawing up a will at all. A will can be drawn up at relatively little cost. We have considerable experience in dealing with the drafting and preparation of Wills and can advise, at the same time, on related matters, such as how to minimize any potential Inheritance Tax liability, and the provision of trusts.  Wills should be reviewed every five years or so, and we will be happy to discuss any changes you may consider necessary, depending on your circumstances. We are happy to make home visits to any infirm or elderly client.

When a person who has made a will dies, his or her estate has to be administered. This is a special area of expertise with us and we can render invaluable assistance. Additionally, we have extensive experience in the administration of Estates on intestacy (i.e. those who die without a Will).

We will discuss and agree fees with you at the outset of the case before commencing work.