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Accident Claims & Litigation

Donaghy Carey has a wealth of experience in handling person injury claims and other types of litigation. If you have had an accident on the road, at work or in a public place you may be entitled to compensation. Additionally, if you have been diagnosed with an industrial disease or suffered industrial deafness, we can assist you in your claim for compensation. We have a close working relationship with a dedicated team of Barristers who are well experienced in personal injury cases, whom we will, if necessary, engage in preparing your case for trial. If you have had any type of accident, speak to us without obligation and you can be assured of our personal service. You may not need to rely upon legal costs insurance to bring your case and can therefore use the solicitors whom you know and trust at no cost to you. It is important to speak to us at an early stage.

We are also very experienced in all other areas of litigation, such as medical or professional negligence, breach of contract and consumer law.